The simplest analytic tool that increases sales immediately
Discover your champion point of sale and best performing channels just by running ads as usual
Works for
FMCG brands selling online
Multi-channel distribution (own eCom, resellers, marketplaces)
Promotes in ads, social, search or direct channels
Runs special promos for certain goods (top-sellers, new brands, seasonal discounts)
How it works
Auto generated landing page
User chooses the preferred point of sales and reaches the particular retailer’s product page
Product ads in various channels
Points of sales
Product description
Promo mechanics
Detailed analytics that helps optimize eCommerce and marketing strategy
preferred and most conversive promotional channels
preferred and most relevant sellers (direct, resellers, marketplaces)
Solution benefits
Boost in online sales
Optimising the consumer journey
shoppers choose the preferred retailers that increases the chance of check-out;
covering the whole conversion funnel: new customers acquisition and retargeting vehicles
Consumer analytics
Infusing strategy with actionable data
enhance marketing strategy: rating of the best-performing channels for each product / category;
empower retail tactics with understanding of preferred retailers for each region / audience
Improved campaigns
Trafficcino pixel collects segments of motivated audience that can be exported to ad platforms & DSPs
(beta) 1st party data collection
promo-mechanics on the auto-generated landing page — collect data in exchange for promo-codes
Simple interface
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Our story
Being marketers ourselves, we see brands and retailers struggling to harness the tangled consumer path to purchase. Eventually, the consumer is a person with preferences – both in consuming content (and ads!) online and choosing the place to buy. So we were challenged to build a swiss-knife kind tool that gives the consumer the freedom of personal choice and still helps marketers reach shoppers with the highest intent to increase conversions.
We came up with the simplest solution ever, just following human behaviour. Once a person clicks any product ad, we offer him to choose their favorite retailers from the list and compare the prices. So no more guesswork with testing various links from this and that retailer. Another click – and here we go. The following shopping routine will contain your product. Happy customers drive growth in sales.
We also care about brand's and seller's time, so we generate landing pages automatically – as many as you need.
Our mission is to make eCommerce smarter. We provide sellers with answers to two main questions – where your customers prefer to buy your products and what channels drive the most conversions. We wish we had Trafficcino when we worked as product marketers ourselves. Happy we can offer it now to the market for people to suffer less and find new revenue streams daily.
Meet the leadership team
Co-founder & Technology Director
Co-founder & Strategy Director
Business Development Director
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